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  • PT-011Y Kids  Suit
  • PT-011Y Kids  Suit
  • PT-011Y Kids  Suit
  • PT-011Y Kids  Suit
  • PT-011Y Kids  Suit
PT-011Y Kids  SuitPT-011Y Kids  SuitPT-011Y Kids  SuitPT-011Y Kids  SuitPT-011Y Kids  Suit

PT-011Y Kids Suit

  • Product Item : PT-011Y
  • Category: Beekeeping Cloth
  • Views:349
  • Product description:Kids Beekeeping Suit with Fencing Veil Professional Anti Bee Protective Suit for Children Beekeeping Gear
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Super Thick Beekeeping Suit
The anti-wasp suit made of high quality cotton cloth. The thickened fabric can better protect from bee bite. It is the best choice
for kIds.
Elasticated Cuffs
The sleeve elasticated straps are designed to wear and remove beekeeping suits more conveniently and to prevent bees from flying
Hat Detachable
Folding hat and the zipper design, strong rings keep the bees well away from your face, great all round visibility and you can
also take the hat off when you are at rest, cool and relax.
Velcro Fastener
There is a velcro patch is placed around the zipper of the hat and jacket. Three sides fit the gap left by the zipper. It is
better to prevent bees. It is beautiful and practical.
Practical Working Suit
The bee proof suit can not only as a bee protecting smock, but also can take off the hat jacket with fashion collar, there are
three large pockets before and after, convenient for working tool and other required items.
Type:Beekeeping Kid Protect Suit

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